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Given the fact that it is amazingly cold and windy right now, I thought I’d go back to some Spanish 1 stuff involving certain expressions with hacer or tener and why you can’t use estar instead.

Any Spanish 1 teacher will tell their students that estar is used for…

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The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland
photo by robert


The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

photo by robert

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hojear is to leaf through a book etc

which is pleasing because una hoja is both

a leaf


a page

it gets better.

ojear is to scan over something quickly

and is pronounced exactly the same.

I think I’m reading…

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Things I don’t need:

  • To watch Thorin die
  • To watch Kili die
  • To watch Fili die
  • To watch Thorin watch Fili and Kili die
  • To watch Kili watch Fili die
  • To watch Fili watch Kili die

• to watch the Hobbit end

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For people mentioning that they thought EEUU was los Estados Unidos so it wouldn’t be confused with the EU, that might be part of it but overwhelmingly it’s because it’s plural.

For instance, los FFCC is the abbreviation of los ferrocarriles which means “the railway system / train tracks” [

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